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Do you want to get rid of your foggy glass windows? Read on to discover the finest foggy window repair service in Bethesda-Rockville-Silver Spring Maryland!

As a Maryland resident, you must be quite familiar with regular rainfall. So, let me paint a picture for you. Imagine enjoying a gorgeous rainy day from the comfort of your home. You take a sip of your coffee and glance outside your bedroom window at the rose bushes collecting droplets of rain on their decked crowns.

However, your beautiful, serene view is starting to get obstructed and blurry because of your foggy glass window. Fog has slowly found its way into your windowpane, preventing you from enjoying the outside view. Are you all too familiar with foggy windows?

Well, it’s time to change your blurry view and invest in the right foggy window repair service!

Foggy Window Repair and The Reason Behind it?

Fog can easily accumulate inside your glass window when your indoor temperature is different from the outdoor temperature. For instance, if the temperature outside your home is lower than the indoor temperature, moisture will start forming on the exterior glass resulting in foggy glass in windows.

On the flip side, if the indoor temperature is colder than the outdoor temperature, due to air conditioning on a hot and sunny day, condensation will accumulate on the interior window glass. This accumulation of moisture and condensation on the exterior and interior glass surfaces hint at a lack of proper window insulation.

Your window is foggy because the fog has built up between the two glass panes in your window due to poor insulation, allowing condensation to seep in through the seal. Hence, damaging your windows and obstructing your view. Moreover, improper insulation also affects the energy efficiency of your windows, resulting in cold air or heat escaping outside or entering your home. 

Here’s what you can do about your foggy window glass:

Use Double or Triple Pane Windows

So, how can you protect your windows from fogging up? The best way to prevent foggy windows is to use double or triple-pane windows. Install extra glass sheets and add extra paint coatings to your window to ensure appropriate foggy glass repairs and enhance your windows’ energy efficiency. Taking these steps will reduce the fog accumulation on your glass windows. They will also reduce your utility bills throughout the year.

Invest in Insulated Glass Windows

Find a reliable foggy window repair and replacement service to replace your existing windows with high-quality insulated glass windows. These windows come with two or more glass panes, separated by a sealed pocket of air. The metal tube used around the border of the insulated glass is quite thick and is made from a moisture-absorbing material to ensure effective sealing of the glass. This way, you will be able to get rid of foggy glass windows for a long time or until the insulation starts wearing off.

If you’re looking for a reliable and professional foggy window repair or replacement service in Rockville, Bethesda, and Silver Spring, get in touch with Safety Window Glass Repair today!

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