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We are the best glass shop near you for your window glass repair and replacement needs. We offer 24/7 emergency service with a free estimate. We have long experience in our field and we strive to be the best, based on the testimonies of our customers

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Provide the best service to customers

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Experts in window & door service since 2013

It doesn’t matter whether you have chipped glass, a damaged frame, or a completely broken window, so If you are searching for ‘professional window repair near me, “safety window glass repair” is the place were you should be. Being profesional glass restorers we are, we can effectively deal with all kinds of broken glasswork. We have the the skills set and advanced tools to handle all your glass repair and replacement projects.



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How we choose your glass ?

We are deciding on the most durable and most secure and stylish glass to fit of your windows, mirrors, and doors for your residence and business shopfront


We have the best equipment and tools to repair all types of broken glass. We also have a fantastic, experienced and trained team to perform a complete and comprehensive estimate on all broken glass and complete repair. So we are always near you to repair all your broken glass and install it beautifully, decently and beautifully Do not hesitate to contact us

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