One of the most commonly used building materials in many modern homes today is none other than glass. Types of Window Glass is used rampantly in a variety of modern-day structures, be it a residential project, a commercial building, a government department building, or an IT firm, for instance. Glass offers a unique, appealing element and a number of amazing features that not only help beautify a particular space but also offer exceptional performance.

You can feature glass in so many different types of window glass and furniture, such as tabletops, shower enclosures, frameless glass doors, sliding doors, glass furniture, and so many others.

Here are some of the different types of glass as well as their uses.

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Safety Laminated Window Glass

This type of glass is made from two or more sheets of ordinary glass with the help of PVB (Polyvinyl
butyral) and is held together with a bonded interlayer of plastic. The use of the interlayer means that
the glass will not shatter on impact.

Laminated window glass is heavier than normal due to its added thickness, and it’s both soundproof and UV-
proof. It is a popular solution for instances that require increased security, such as commercial
storefronts, bridges, car windscreens, aquariums, and display cases, to name a few.
Laminated glass is majorly used because it is durable, strong, energy-efficient, and super safe.

Low E Glass

Low E, also known as low emissivity, is a type of glass that features a thin metallic surface coating,
and it was primarily created to diminish the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light entering through
the glass without affecting the amount of light coming through.
The coating is said to be thinner than human hair, and it does a great job at reflecting heat and UV
Low E glass is widely used in both residential and commercial buildings because of how energy
efficient it is and that it doesn’t require any special kind of cleaning. It also greatly helps improve
thermal insulation, thereby helping your home stay perfectly warm in the winter and cool in the

Annealed Glass

Also referred to as standard glass sometimes, annealed glass is a softer type of glass that goes
through thermal treatment and is then allowed to cool slowly so that it reaches room temperature.
This slow controlled cooling process is done to relieve the glass of any internal stresses.
Annealed glass is commonly used in things like basement windows, tabletops, and cabinet doors, to
name a few. It is said to be the most economical choice of glass, and it features a super smooth
surface, which is why annealed glass is commonly used in applications that require good optical

Mirrored Glass

If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing kind of glass, mirrored glass is the one for you.
This type of glass has a metal coating applied to one side, which is then sealed with a protective
layer in order to help create a mirrored effect.
One of the many reasons why mirrored glass is used for interior design purposes is that it’s
extremely aesthetic and has the ability to create the illusion of a larger space.

You can get them repaired and restored by a professional window repair service. They will drill tiny holes in the glass, remove the condensation, and then seal the glass again.

If you’re observing any loss of insulation or have had any damage take place on your glass windows, it’s best to call in the experts for a look.

Key Takeaway for These Types Of Window Glass

There are indeed many different types of window glass that you can use for both commercial and residential purposes.
A common reason why people hesitate to use glass, especially in their homes, is the increased risk of

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