A window’s clarity is everything. A dirty window isn’t something you can sweep under a rug and you’ll forget about it. It’s out in the open for everyone to see and does a great deal of damage to your building’s aesthetic. Being exposed to the great outdoors, it’s more than likely to build up dust and debris over time. Initially, the damage is only on an aesthetic level but if left uncared for, it can add up to functional damage, requiring replacement.

You may have a well-furnished building with a beautiful paint job and all the bells and whistles, but if those windows have foggy glasses or look grimy, the whole appearance falls through. Fear not, as there are remedies to this problem:

Wash with Soft Water

You may be tempted to bust out the gardening hose and let it blast away the dirt and grime all over your windows after a week’s worth of exposure. As efficient and quick as this procedure is, hoses generally have access to hard water, which can do more harm than good in the long run.


Hard water contains minerals that can degrade the physical attributes of your windows. It’s best to fill up a bucket or two from inside the home, containing clear water free of any bits that can harm your glass panels.

Using Commercial Products

In most cases, simply washing the window down with soft water and drying it up will do the trick. But for the best results, it’s recommended to use commercial window cleaning solutions. Once you’ve removed any initial grime and dust with water and a wipe down, bring on the window cleaning solution, which consists of a foam that reaches the crevice of the dirt and debris.

Tools for cleaning glass windows

Your windows will end looking as good as new. It’s certainly an extra step in the process but that glimmer of sunshine passing through on the inside is worth the effort. Never clean the glass under direct sunlight or when it’s still hot from exposure to heat. Let it cool down first before applying any chemicals or force on it as you wipe it down.

Get A Consultation

If you feel like there’s something wrong with your glass windows, you can call in professionals to have a look at it. One of the biggest advantages of glass window repair and replacement consultations is that they’re absolutely free of charge. The experts will survey and analyze your window installations, offering their advice and recommendations as to what you should do.

If you’re observing any loss of insulation or have had any damage take place on your glass windows, it’s best to call in the experts for a look.

Keeping Sprinklers Away

Another common issue that’s prevalent among residential properties is using sprinklers near glass windows. Similar to the issue with hoses, sprinklers have access to hard water. While you might need water on some terrain near the window, it’s best to keep them facing away as much as possible.

You want to avoid any hard water landing on the porous surface of a window, which can lead to residual damage over time. It’s recommended to pour the water away from the windows separately to keep your garden area well-irrigated while minimizing damage to the property.

Take Care of Weatherstripping

An important material used for insulating the region between residential window panes and the sash, weatherstripping is prone to fall off over time. Its main purpose is to create a seal within the window frame and keep all kinds of material coming in. From moisture from the rain, dust, debris and even heat can make inside.

Despite being a small opening, weatherstripping is capable of raising the temperature of your home by a fair bit as it damages the overall insulation system. With enough buildup, it can break down completely and expose your home to various dangers. Every year, it’s best to have the weatherstripping seal replaced. If your home’s design consists of many glass panels, it’s particularly helpful for keeping your electricity bills in check.

Clean the Frame

Often, the glass panels of your glass windows will be clean and free of any marks, but you might observe a build-up of dirt and grime along the sides. In most cases, the effects are fairly related to aesthetics and don’t affect the performance. You won’t need any heavy-duty chemical solutions to remove most scruffs and marks.

Just using a brush or a microfiber cloth is enough to make it look clean again. It’s best to clean the interior of the frame as well for a consistent look for the installation.

Glass Panel Replacement

In many cases, your window frame will be in perfectly good condition, but the glass panel may have countless scratches and other marks that need to be taken care of. Rather than go through the hefty cost of getting a whole new window, it’s best to only get the panel replaced. It’s much cheaper and prevents waste of materials.

If you’re replacing a commercial window installation, it’s essential to have an expert for the job as these are much more complicated. There are also chances of breaking a serviceable glass panel and getting hurt, so don’t DIY it.

Frame Replacement

While a rare phenomenon, in some situations, only the frame of the glass window breaks down. Normally, any impact to the frame will damage the glass panel as well. But often it takes the brunt of the hit and can cause the panel to eventually fall through. Either due to weather exposure, specifically rain, the wood on a window panel may be degrading and an alternative may be required.

In such cases, the glass panel is still worth using and only warrants changing the frame around it. If your area has recurring rain, it might be smart to get an option that withstands rain easily.

Close Gently

Many of the solutions for taking better care of windows require some form of expense. But one of the most basic ways to improve the lifespan of your glass windows costs nothing. One of the most common ways glass windows are damaged is due to people slamming them too hard. All you have to do is push them until you can close the lock, latch, or any mechanism holding it in place.

The impact of shoving it too hard can cause the glass panel or window frame to break. A little bit of consideration goes a long way.

Use the Right Materials

Before you go out and buy any materials to clean any smudges or marks on your windows, it’s best to do your research. Many of the products available on the market do more harm than good for your windows. Some contain corrosive and abrasive materials. These can have long-term effects on the glass panel or frame of your windows, requiring replacement down the line.

It’s best to go with industry-standard options that experts recommend. A glass repair service would be happy to recommend you good options for your application.

Getting a Commercial Window Repair and Replacement Service

If your window panel has structural cracks, deep scratches, and permanent issues, no amount of window cleaner will do the trick. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean your window has to go to waste. You can call in window repair and replacement professionals to take care of the panel for you.

They’ll perform the necessary repairs to the window to bring it back into good shape, or replace it entirely with an equivalent panel to keep your building looking exquisite. You can also look into window panel replacement if the panel in particular is going through degradation.

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